topipittori / studio armad’illo

There's an article about were i work on the Topipittori illustration blog! Here's the story: a few months ago, me and 8 other illustrators got together and created a common workspace for illustrators. We all met last year at a postgraduate illustration course (here) and decided

postcards and creatures

well this is some exciting news! you can now send my drawings as postcards through the awesome petite poste site. the site lets you send them out both as online cards and actual physical printed postcards. yay!apart from that - in october i did some black-and-white

catching up

oh no, i'm super behind with posting again.. and i do have quite a bit to share. so, first up - my first Italian magazine cover! it is for a Florence-based literary magazine that focuses on children's literature. this month's topic was death in children's