Architecture Without Extraction

Short comic made with author, scholar & architect Charlotte Malterre-Barthes for the anniversary 125th issue of Architectural Review, dedicated to the future of architecture. The 5-page piece explores a possible future of the built environment and our approach to construction and living and working space.   This

Eileen Gray: A House Under the Sun

"Eileen Gray: A House Under the Sun" is a graphic novel exploring the extraordinary life and work of Eileen Gray, Irish designer-turned-architect who created one of the most iconic modernist houses in history, the E1027. Story by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes.   Published by Nobrow. Out the UK, US and

The Secret Garden

Comic adaptation of the children's classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Adapted by Miranda Walker. Part of the Project X / Origins series by OUP.   Client: Oxford University Press


Bricks is a comic I wrote and drew for the special edition kuš! anthology, "Redrawing Stories From the Past". It deals with Warsaw architecture during the 2nd World War: the parallel existence of utopian modernist ideas and the actual erasing of the physical space of the city, as well


A five-page comic about the horror that is getting up in the morning. For the June 2015 issue of Strapazin, a Swiss comic anthology.

A testa in giù

My debut graphic novel, A testa in giù, came out with the Italian publisher Topipittori in 2014. It's primarily directed at young readers and deals with childhood, family, and growing up in 1980s Poland.

Waiting Rooms

In Prison is a short comic for the anthology Waiting Rooms, published by the Italian illustration collective and small press Teiera. Like all stories in the book, it was made in black and white and printed a vivid Pantone green.

Nobrow 9 / Cisza

Cisza is a four-page wordless story I made for the anthology Nobrow #9. Find out more about the book here.

The Faithful Askari

The Faithful Askari is a short comic I wrote and drew at the Colonial Soldiers and the Great War workshop, which took place in Berlin in February 2014. Along with other works on the subject, it has been exhibited in Berlin in May 2014 at the

Golden Bees

Golden Bees, or Złote Pszczoły, is a comic anthology written by Monika Powalisz. Made up of six different stories, it offers a glimpse into the life of Warsaw Jews in the1920s and 1930s. Here are some pages from the title story, which was drawn by me. Other comics