Generous School of Architecture

Here's a peek of a new short comic made with Charlotte Malterre Barthes for the latest issue of CARTHA! We've been working on these architecture-related visual essays for quite a few months now, collaborating with different architecture magazines, and it's been a very rewarding experience. Looking

good to be back!

after months of tinkering, and extensive help from the WordPress wizard Andreas Schneider, my new website is finally ready! i've integrated the long-neglected blog into it, so that everything is in one place. otherwise, there's tons of new projects, better navigation - and you can

spring forest

a few recent projects have just gone on the website, along with a little spring vignette for the home page. just click here.

a little update

one of the few advantages of being stuck at home with a nasty cold is that you get round to doing things you've been meaning to do for ages, like sorting through your socks or finally updating your website. you'll be happy to hear (I'm

A testa in giu’ – it’s out!

My first graphic novel, A testa in giu', is out now with the Italian publisher Topipittori. A few more details here. I will be presenting the book in Torino (18.11 at 19.30, Polski Kot, via Massana 19), Milano (19.11, Spazio b**k, at 19:30), and will be present at

almost there

i'm still here! it's just that i'm in the last stages of working on my comic and unable to do much else. meanwhile, here is an illustration that got cut from an editorial series i worked on in April. we could play 'guess the artist' but

Interpretation of Dreams

Just received the new issue of Zwykłe Życie magazine in the mail, with some of my illustrations inside! The entire (beautiful) issue is dedicated to Sleep, and my drawings were made to accompany an article about the interpretation of dreams. There's more on my website. Thanks to the

it’s because she’s got hair

it's been all about comics on the blog lately, so here's an illustration for a change: the May wallpaper I made for the Studio Armad'illo monthly newsletter. You can download it here in a bunch of sizes.


i  got my copy of the nobrow # 9 in early april, and it's absolutely beautiful. the comic by bianca bagnarelli is  a stunner, as are most illustrations. incredibly honoured to be part of the issue. here are some shots of my own four-page comic, inspired