New York Times Book Review and Neighbourhood Mischief

I had an illustration in last Sunday’s Book Review section of the New York Times!
Here’s the final drawing, and the a screenshot of the article itself. I’ve only seen the on-line version, since I couldn’t get my hands on a print copy here in Zurich. I hope it looked ok on paper too!

I’ve also updated the (somewhat medieval) webiste with illustrations for “Podwórkowe psotnice”, a little book for Egmont’s series “Czytam sobie”, for Polish children learning to read. The text, by Rafał Witek, tells a rather entertaining story of two mischievous little girls playing pranks on their neighbours and friends.
Here they are, plotting their next attack:

While digging through the archives, I also found a reference photo I took of myself while working on the cover. That’s rather unusual; normally I am too lazy to take reference photos of anything, and my characters have a questionable anatomy at best. It made me laugh a bit.