złote pszczoły

woohoo, it’s here! the comic anthology I collaborated on in September is finally out! Beautifully designed by Fontarte, with comics drawn by Malwina Konopacka, Agata Nowicka, Olga Wróbel, Joanna Jurczak, Anna Czarnota and myself.
Conceived and written by Monika Powalisz, the anthology is made up of six different stories, and is a great insight into the life of Warsaw Jews in the1920s and 1930s.  


The book is a super-limited release, as it won’t even be available in bookshops, but i’ll post some pages from the comic on my website soon. For any hypothetical Warsaw readers – there’s a book release meeting and debate tomorrow, December 16th, at Chłodna 25. 18.30 is the time. Why did I write this last bit in English? This really makes no sense 🙂