here are some sketches from that dead time when photoshop crashes yet again and  you wait for it to resume working, coloured pencil in hand and your mind somewhere else. yes, the little bear is inviting you to 'shake it'.  

website update

aaaaand i've finally put up some of this year's projects on the good old website. (the image below is the back cover for the young readers' mystery novel Messaggi da lontano, published by the Italian publisher Rizzoli back in March. More images here).           

black on grey

My  book on Mark Rothko is out! It's a children's guide made to accompany the first Polish Rothko exhibition, at the National Museum in Warsaw, which opened in June.Needless to say, I loved working on every last bit of it. A dream commission! The guide's

summing up spring

i'm still here! just finished illustrating the second installment of the lovely Miś Kazimierz series. It's out in two weeks i think, and it's definitely summer reading. Here are some spot illustrations from the book that i like (including blueberry pierogi, yum).we also finally moved into

little music

some bits and pieces from Kitty Crowther's workshop I attended a week ago. super-intense five days of experimenting, playing with style, characters and purpose. sounds a little trite but it really was quite amazing. towards the end of the course i started developing this little story about

let’s stay home like it’s 1981

here's a preview of a preview of Comic No. 1. glad I'm working on it again. there's still a lot to do, but at least it's growing.then there's Comic No. 2, 20 pages in various stages of colouring. that one should be ready soon. ok,