website update

i've finally put up some pages from Złote Pszczoły / Golden Bees on the website. more in the 'comics' category coming soon!


studio armad'illo is putting up some valentines on the website today, and here's my contribution..

mr. alone

here's the opening panel of  another (very quick) comic i made with monika powalisz this month. i think i'll post the entire thing (a wordless story, 4 pages long) on the website soon. now back to work!

stumbling onwards

2011 was a year full of changes and surprises (the good kind, mostly). The year of finishing MiMaster and setting up Studio Armad'illo with my 8 awesome collaborators.  Of turning my life (ok, my career path) around; of deciding to take the leap and to


in case you missed it - here's my second contribution to the armad'illo advent calendar. happy holidays!

is / was

back from a super-intense (and fun) week in warsaw, and of course i'm ill again. it's becoming a holiday tradition. 

złote pszczoły

woohoo, it's here! the comic anthology I collaborated on in September is finally out! Beautifully designed by Fontarte, with comics drawn by Malwina Konopacka, Agata Nowicka, Olga Wróbel, Joanna Jurczak, Anna Czarnota and myself.Conceived and written by Monika Powalisz, the anthology is made up of